Everyday Can Be A Lesson

Why does it sometimes take us so long to remember to ask the Lord for help? Or is it just me?  The other night I was trying to put a new song I had downloaded onto my iPod.  The computer was telling me there were issues with the iPod and I needed to scan it.  OK, that doesn’t sound bad. Scan away.  Then, it told me there were problems found that needed to be fixed, did I want to fix them?  I thought sure, why not.  

Well, next thing I know it had deleted every single song from my iPod.  It was empty. Several hundred songs erased.  In seconds. To make a long story short, try as I might I couldn’t get my playlist back on there. The only option it gave me was to let them choose the music to add to my iPod.  They did but then my Christmas music was all mixed in with my other music. Can I tell you I was more than frustrated spending all that time trying to just get my music back the way I had it.   I loudly expressed my displeasure with iTunes and with Apple in general!

Fast forward to the next afternoon.  I thought to myself, OK, what do I have to lose?  I will go up and try one more time to  get it right.  As I was walking to the computer I found myself starting to mutter and call the iPod names before I had even started.  Suddenly, I realized what I was doing.  I stopped right then and there, said a  prayer and asked the Holy Spirit to help me and give me wisdom as to how to fix this problem.  And guess what? It took a few try’s but I got it!   Thank You Lord!

You may be thinking that with all that goes on in our lives and in this world my little issue was not an earth-shattering problem. And you’d be right, it wasn’t.  But it was important to me.  I love my music.  When I’m out in the kitchen cooking or cleaning I have my praise music on.  When something’s bothering me; I put my music on.  The Lord is so good.  He cares about us even in the seemingly small details of our lives.  I often wonder if He is sitting there just waiting for me to ask Him for His help.  Ask for His wisdom.  Take my problems to Him, whatever they may be, before I try and fix them myself.  

I love Psalm 46:1 ” God is our refuge and strength, an ever-present help in trouble.”  Ever-present.  Always there. So why do I sometimes forget to turn to Him first?  Or to open my mouth and ask for His help.  To speak His Word over the situations in my life and other’s.  To speak life and blessing’s not curses.  

I have found that when the Lord does help me like that it does make it easier to remember to go to Him first the next time.  It helps to further build that trusting relationship between us.  And of course I always tell Him how very grateful I am for all He does.  mercy

I’m also thankful to the Lord that He is patient with me even when He has to keep reminding me of the same lessons.   I started this blog yesterday after fixing my iPod. Then  today I had a guy and his son come over to take a piece of furniture out of my upstairs.  I did remember my lesson and I prayed beforehand and prayed for their safety while they were lifting.  I prayed they would have wisdom to be able to figure out how to get it around the corner at the bottom of the stairs. Yet, after a while when they were still having problems I found myself in the kitchen mumbling and murmuring and calling that piece of furniture names.  I had remembered part of the lesson from the day before but; once again I had to repent for my words and lack of faith.  Praise God He still loves me enough to  keep giving me those gentle reminders!

Oh, just in case you’re wondering, they did finally take the whole thing apart and got it down the stairs.  As to the iPod and iTunes….well, hopefully it will keep working because I still find it to be one of the most user unfriendly programs I have encountered!  Speaking kindly about them might be a lesson for another day!


3 thoughts on “Everyday Can Be A Lesson

  1. This is so beautiful. A gentle reminder of who we are in Christ – we are but His tiny children needing constant reminders of just how dependent we truly need to be on Him. We are not of this world, just heaven bound – until then He’ll guide us on this tiny journey called life. Don’t let the little things in life get you down, just pray always.
    By the way – I love Bethel Music ❤
    Thanks for sharing a piece of yourself and your vulnerability in being human.


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