Friends Are A Gift From God

Good friends that is.  Good friends can enrich our lives in ways we never thought possible. Friends can stand by our sides, help when help is needed or be a shoulder to lean on. They can teach us things we never knew, and encourage us to be more than we ever thought we could be.  Really good friends will even love us enough to tell us when we are doing something wrong.  Friends can play a huge part in our lives.

Remember when you were younger and your parents always wanted to know who you were hanging around with?  They had good reason for that.  They knew that picking the wrong friends could get you in a lot of trouble; sometimes with consequences that could last for years.  1 Cor 15:33 tells it like it is. Do not be deceived: “Evil company corrupts good habits.”  If you don’t have a strong sense of wrong and right, being with the wrong friends can lead you down paths you don’t want to go down.

But, praise God when you have friends that come from Him.  As wonderful as it is to have good, godly friends and the things they bring into our lives; we need to be the other side to that coin.  Friendship should never be a one way street.  Sure, there are times it may be.  One or the other of you might be going through a hard time.  At times like that one friend might be the one giving out.  But that should not be the norm.  We need to be there for our friends; like they were there for us when we needed them.


When you have a friend, or friends that you can hang out with, share your heart with and pray with, you have a true treasure.  Being a good friend isn’t always easy.  Sometimes its even really hard.  We  all love to have all the benefits of having a great friend. But the other side is there are times we have to walk things out with friends that can be hard.  When you want the best for your friend; and you know they are going through hard times  you can be there for them but you can’t fix the problem.  That’s OK.  Having someone there who will love you and hold you up in prayer when you can’t do that for yourself anymore; often means more than you know.


Often we have different kinds of friends.  You may have friends that you see only at work or in a club you belong to, or a sport you play. Friendly acquaintances.  That’s great. We can all use friends wherever we can get them.  And some of them may one day become close friends.  A true friend is the one you can call in the middle of the night when you need them.  They are the ones you want to call when you have news to share, good or bad.

I appreciate friends who give it to me straight.  If they have something to say they say it.  Those friends that you know are telling you something for your own good because they love you, or because it will help you grow.  In Prov 27:17 it says:As iron sharpens iron, So a man sharpens the countenance of his friend.  They help take off the rough spots. 

Maybe you don’t have many friends right now.  Sometimes we go through times like that.   You have likely heard the old saying based on  Proverbs 18:24; if you want to have a friend; you have to be a friend.  While you are waiting for some friends; practice being friendly.  Treat others kindly.  Invite someone out for coffee. Do something nice for someone, just because.  You never know where you may find a friend.  I have found friends in many different places over the years.  Better yet, ask the Lord to send you some godly friends.

If you, like me are blessed with some awesome friends that are there for you no matter what; let them know what they mean to you.  There’s no time like the present!


3 thoughts on “Friends Are A Gift From God

  1. Just catching up with your blog, just want to share how much this blog has touched my heart….you see a friend is also someone that doesn’t know you and reaches out because you are new in the area. Invites you for coffee at the neighborhood fast food . Then again to their home and shares freely their best friend with you! How very blessed I was and am having 2 new friends because of one special heart! Kate, your blog reminded me today to say “Thank You Lord, for surely you have blessed me!”


  2. Good friends truly are a blessing and even when I don’t see or speak to mine for a while I know at some point I’ll give them a call or send a whatsapp to see how they are and catch up. Thanks for the post.

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