Faith Like a Piano

I’ve been pondering faith the last several days.  We hear a lot about faith. The Bible is full of stories on faith and faithfulness but its one of those things that’s hard to pin down.  Everyone has their opinion on what faith is, and what it means.  The Bible talks about people with no faith, little faith, great faith and probably everywhere in between.

In Romans 12:3 it says that God has given us a measure of faith. So, how much is that?  Just for fun I googled “measure of faith”.  It came back with  5,220,000 results.  I guess that means that a lot of people are thinking about faith!

So as I was laying in bed I was thinking about all that; and thinking well ok, faith is a gift.  If God has given it to us, then it is a gift. ( Here’s where the piano comes in.)  Let’s say your parents give you a piano.  It was a gift. Its yours to keep.  What will you do with the piano? You can keep it in the center of your living room and polish the wood daily.  You can put vases of flowers on top of it or family pictures, and tell everyone that visits about your lovely piano. Well, that’s nice but then its just a piece of furniture. Or, maybe the piano also came with the gift of piano lessons.  And so instead of just polishing the wood you open the cover and start tentatively pushing some of the keys.  Then maybe by the next week you learn the scales and then maybe some simple songs.  If you keep at it, one day you may be able to play in front of an auditorium of people because you have practiced it so diligently.

I think our faith is a little like that.  When God gave it to us, He didn’t expect that we would know all the ins and outs of using it right away.  Or that we would never miss a note.  He does however want us to use it, and to practice it every day.  Like any sport or musical instrument if we don’t practice on a regular basis we get rusty. In these times we never want to be in that place where we haven’t kept up with our faith.  Every time we step out in faith and do something new, or believe and trust God that He is working something out for us and we do it without doubting; its like we are learning a new song.

The Bible is how we learn to exercise our gift of faith.  Romans 10:12 says: So then faith comes by hearing, and hearing by the word of God.  When we are plugged in and reading the Word daily we get our lessons in how to use our faith.  Everything we need to know about faith we can find in the Bible.  But guess what?  You could have the best piano teacher in the world and a library full of books on playing the piano.  However if you never open the lid and press the keys you’ll never learn to play it.  The same is true for the gift of faith.  We can memorize every scripture in the Bible about faith but if we never use it, it does no good for ourselves, or anyone else. Its up to us. We  choose how much we want to exercise our gift.

You might think this is an over-simplification of a really deep subject; and maybe it is. But imagine with me for a minute.  What would it be like if in the morning we all got up and starting using our faith.  And what if we were believing that the Lord could use each and every one of us to change the world for the better, heal the sick, help people in need and do the countless other things He wants to use us to do.  Wouldn’t that be something to see?  It’s not about us anyway.  We can’t take credit for something that was given to us. Its about God, the giver of the gift.



3 thoughts on “Faith Like a Piano

  1. Kate, enjoyed reading your blog yesterday! “Faith Like A Piano.” Reminded me of a season in my life when I got an urge to become an accomplished Piano Player! Bought a keyboard, took lessons practiced until my husband cried out! “Please stop! ”
    I’m so grateful my Heavenly Father has patience to watch & hear me grow in faith. I gave up on the piano but not on faith! Still practicing!


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