Wow. First blog. So bear with me just trying to figure this site out!

Do you ever feel like you are just waiting waiting for God to do something in your life?  Or you feel you have a promise from God and it just doesn’t seem to come to pass?  Do you ever like me get SOOO frustrated at situations and people and yourself and you wonder why is it taking God so long to do something?  Well, know that you are not alone.  Many times we do need to wait on God.  He knows the perfect timing for things in our life and He loves us too much for us to always get what we want when we want it.

Sometimes we are indeed waiting for God and His perfect timing but often times I have found God is waiting on us.  What?  Really?  Yes, really.  Sometimes He is wanting us to learn something from our situations before we move on to something else.  Sometimes we haven’t finished doing what He wanted us to do in a situation.  Sometimes our heart just isn’t in the right place and He is trying to help us work out bad attitudes and roots of bitterness, anger or unbelief.  He knows what is in our hearts.  The Bible says in Prov 21:2 Every way of a man is right in his own eyes, But the Lord weighs the hearts.

So maybe we need to ask ourselves some questions.  Like what is our motive for doing some of the things we do?  Or why do we believe we need God to do certain things for us. Or what is in our hearts and our thoughts when we are upset over situations or people not acting as we believe they should act.  Are we listening to God to find out what His best is for us?  We may think we know what’s best but He knows the beginning from the end.  Many times I have been very grateful that the Lord didn’t grant me what I wanted because I found out it would not have been good for me all.

While we are waiting are we being faithful?  The Word says in Luke 16:10 He who is faithful in what is least is faithful also in much; and he who is unjust in what is least is unjust also in much.  We have to be faithful doing even the least thing we know to do while we are waiting.  Sometimes its things like Joyce Meyer’s preaches-are we putting our grocery carts where they belong when we are done?  Or do we leave them in the middle of the parking lot for someone else to move?  Do we pick things up off the floor when we see it? If we say we will be somewhere at a certain time are we there?  If we give our word that we will do something for someone do we do it?  Or do we make excuses?  When we think of someone and get a sense that maybe I need to call them or go see them do we?  Or do we just write it off and say I’m too busy today I will do it another time?  If we get a sense maybe we should make a meal for someone or encourage someone or offer to help someone do we?  Sometimes these thoughts pass quickly through our mind and we don’t pay attention to them.  I have found when I have acted on things like this and done things I felt I should do that not only have I perhaps been a blessing but I have been blessed by being obedient.  

So maybe the next time we find ourselves saying when God when (At least I know I do!) maybe we can sit back and give ourselves a heart check but mostly take some time to just listen and ask God what His best is.

Interestingly, I was thinking some of these things this morning before church.  We had a great guest speaker today John Roughton and he kind of touched on some of the same things. God has a purpose and a plan for our lives but we have to partner with Him and do our part in order for it to come to pass.


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